Laughs Are Still Free

Poking Fun at Present Day Problems

A Comic Strip I Did Poking Fun at Our Money Problems

The economy has pretty much sucked for, what, the past 2000 years? In recent times, many have been dealing with countless financial hardships. People can no longer take care of themselves, or their families without some obstacle getting in the way. An endless number of people are having trouble finding a place to live, and even those who have a place to live aren’t able to keep it.
And the sad and true fact is, whining about it will not make it better. But on the other hand, laughing could definitely help. 

As long as I’ve known them, my family has been pretty funny. And no matter ho hard things got in the past, I always knew there were people who I could always hang out with and have a good laugh or two. No matter how much I wanted to get rid of them. And sometimes, they’re family. So you do want to get rid of them… Permanently. But I’d probably regret it… Yeah. I’ll back that last statement. 

Recently I’ve been dealing with financial issues of my own. And at times it really does suck. But going into a job interview with an “Oh no the world is going to end because I don’t have any money” look on their face won’t help them land a job. Employers don’t want to hire someone who’s depressed or someone who’s contemplating committing suicide. I don’t think their healthcare covers that. HAHA! Health care. Just like my cartoon. Haha. I didn’t plan that. I swear. 

But laughing really does help. Or in general, comedy does. And comedy has been a big part of my life, especially in recent times. I enjoy comedy in all its forms: Cartoons, comic strips, stand up  comedies, animations, youtube(which is actually a joke in itself) and sitcoms.  Married with children is a sitcom on fox that starting airing before I was born but my family watched it and I eventually started watching it. They are a poor family, whom I’m sure most of us can relate to, and they just get into the worst situations which I usually laugh at and end up saying “at least my life isn’t that bad.” How can you pity yourself when your watching an ex-high school football player work a below minimum wage job selling shoes that he hates while supporting his wife, daughter and son who are just dead weight? Or another show that I just recently got into is Arrested Development. Michael Bluth is a man trying to keep his extremely dysfunctional family together while his criminal father, George Bluth, goes to jail, escapes from jail, goes to jail, and the whole time he’s doing this, George is controlling the company behind Michael’s back. After a rough day, that show has me laughing for the whole 21 minutes I’m watching it. I can go on talking about ether one of these shows for days. 

And that’s exactly why I’m going to start a blog on comedy. In either of its forms, it always helps me keep my mind off the tough things and just hope for the best to come. I think it would help everyone if they laughed every once in a while and cheer up. Your dad isn’t in jail trying to run a company, and you aren’t working a minimum wage job tying to support a family of four others who do nothing to help you. Or maybe you are dealing with these things. Well… good luck then.


3 Responses to “Laughs Are Still Free”

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  2. You have a point there. With that said it all too true that the whole of our race would be alot more content with the simple and illustrious things in life that are not man-made nor require monitary priority. On the job search, I worked outside for a decade building and repairing Ariz., now I work indoors where I am essentially paid to wair a smile on my face and that is what I primarily have learned to pay rent with rather than be… I don’t know a human being with emotions that are subject to change. Wairing a smile all the time releases an overload of endorphines which make me tired and causes my face to tire from an 8hr shift of smiling. “Blue skies are gonna clear up, put on a happy face!” I think Sinatra sang that one. Thanks–NJK

  3. I retract that last statement. It was Tony Bennett who sang “put on a happy face.”

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